My special place

Do you have a special place? If you do, then where? And what makes it special? 😀

My dad spent the weekend in Wisby, which I’ve spoken about alot before. And I became very jealous, even though it was a boardmeating, so he spent the whole time in meetings. I’m going after christmas and I can’t wait, I’m looking forward to it almost more than christmas and that’s saying alot because I looooove christmas. Anyway, I looked through pictures from when I was there and the longing just hit me. Wisby is such a special place for me, like Edinburgh is too.

Wisby is located on an island called Gotland and on Gotland there is special rocks that’s called Raukar, which had been shaped by the water, like this:

God, I miss Wisby so much. Can’t wait to visit there in two months. 

Love, Sara


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