Moisturize people

God, it sounds so boring “The Importance of Moisturising” but trust me it’s quite important and I find it very interesting.

A lot of women use make-up daily (I am one of them), we use make-up that quite literally dry out our skin. Make-up isn’t natural to us and therefore it will contribute to a dry skin.

So above was the boring part, now let’s get to the fun part:

I mosturize every day, I never did that before and believe me, my skin was dryer than the Sahara desert. Especially in the winter when it’s the dryest. I started using different creams to really protect my skin and I can’t believe I never did that before.

I use Propolis by Forever Living. I don’t know if they sell outside of Sweden. It’s made of Aloe Vera and completely natural. The skin gets so soft with it. It’s not commercial, I promise. I just love their products. They have products for a lot of things that’s amazingly good.

Mosturize people, specially in the colder months or if you use make-up. Not only will your skin look better, the make-up will look so much more better on the skin.

Love, Sara


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