Evening routine & my special place

I have a very specific evening routine, I do almost the same thing every evening except when it’s something special. I mean, it’s not a super special thing, just a things I always do. It makes me feel good and calms me.

I start with a long bath (if there is time) if it’s not I try to at least relax for 10-15 minutes. Then I brew some tea and sit down in front of the TV in the couch with the cup in my hand and watch a good show.  

I’m in a super difficult period right now and I’m watching old pictures to sooth that little pain and I can’t wait to travel to Visby on New Years, the best town and I just feel good there.

I have my special places, both here and abroad. Places that makes me feel good and brings hope to my life.

What’s your special place?

Love, Sara


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