Sunday tips

Sundays is so boring. You know that it’s monday tomorrow and you just sulk all day long. I mean, Sundays is my laziest day of the week. I start it off with a visit to the gym but other than that I just read or watch Netflix.

So here is my tip to bring the most out of a Sunday:

  1. Do something! Go bowling, shopping, take a coffee somewhere or just do something with your family or friends.
  2. Buy some snack or crackers and cheese. Put on a good movie and just hang out and have a cosy time.
  3. Make a deal out of the dinner, make a good dinner to end the weekend on.
  4. Have a great work-out. Bring some friends and work out togheter, go for a run or a walk or just throw something great togheter.

Don’t sulk because it’s monday tomorrow, have fun because it’s Sunday and hopefully your day off. Don’t waste it like I do. Do something you enjoy wether it is to just stay inside or going out.

Enjoy you Sunday folks đŸ˜‰

Love, Sara


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