I love my walks. I love my walks in the woods. It’s the only place I can really hear myself think, and the place where I’m the  most creative. But recently a phenomena which has haunted the US, the UK etc. has reached my country. That phenomena is people dressing up as clowns and then scaring people. I don’t have a phobia of clowns but I find them highly uncomfortable, clowns aren’t funny one bit and I don’t understand what’s so funny about dressing up like that and really terrify children and adults. 

Currently it’s only been sightings in the more souther part of this country but anyway, I’m extremely paranoid that I will encounter a clown.

I will hit first, ask question later. And if one of them is standing in the middle of the road in the night, my foot will most definetly be on the gaspedal 😉

Stop this pathetic clownbusiness. If you have to hide behind a mask to threaten people you’re the worst coward.

Fortunately I didn’t encounter a clown but I would like to go outside to the woods and not being paranoid thank you very much.

Love, Sara


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