Today’s facelook

So this is my look today:

Slightly curled hair, very easy when you’re in a rush. I use the straightner, it’s very easy.

My makeup doesn’t take that long. I use a thicker foundation because I don’t have anything else. I prefer a more liquid one. 

I do I light contouring on my forehead and cheeks with a bronzer and then a rouge on my cheeks, a more red rouge if my makeup is dark, and a more pink one if it’s light. 

Concealer I use after the foundation because then you know what needs to be covered up and it highlights better under your eyes. 

I almost never use eyeliner because I’m bad at it, so I usually do a winged eyeshadow.

I then fill in my eyebrows a bit, they are quite dark for being a blonde but I love them.

Top it off with a dark lipstick. The picture was taken before I put on one but you get the deal.

This was my blackday so top it off with a dark choker, either black or a dark red or green. 


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