Church expedition

Took a tour to a church near me, it’s such a beautiful church, filled with history. The oldest part, the tower is from the 1100’s. I have some relatives buried there so I make sure to visit as often as I can.

It’s located near a lake so the spot is peaceful and beautiful. This time I actually made sure to walk around the church and just look at the graves. I like to no who the people were and how old the graves are. I mean some of the graves is older than the US. It was popular in Sweden ages ago to write the person’s profession on the grave so you got a better sense of who it was. Only the men though the women was just ‘Wife of…’ 

It’s a lot history filled in one place. I’m not saying I like hanging around graveyards as some creep xD but when I’m there I like to look around and just pay attention, I believe you pay the people buried there a huge amount of respect just acknowledge their lifes.

Love, Sara


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