Tea please

I adore tea. I drink tea to breakfast, to lunch, in the afternoon, in the evening. I just love tea. I drink coffee too, just not as much. I got my tea obsession from my mother who drinks just as much as me. 

I drink different types of tea depending on the season. At the moment when it’s starting to get cold outside it’s the perfect moment to drink a light chai tea and then in the winter to drink a proper chai. It’s kinda christmasy with its spices, I just loooove it. In the summer I drink more of a fruity tea, that is more lighter in its taste. Chai is a big no-no in the summer.

I almost always brew my tea but use teabags when I don’t have much time. My favourite brand is Pukka, their tea is eco-friendly and tastes great. I use their chai to make chailatte and it tastes so amazing.

I looooove tea

Love, Sara


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