Cruiseship travel

2011 I did a cruiseship trip (rhyme 😉 ) i went with MSC and their ship Fantasia in the mediterranian sea and it was amazing. In one week we went to:

  • Italy (Rome, Genoa and Sicily)
  • France (Marseille)
  • Spain (Barcelona)
  • Tunisia (Tunis/Medina)
  • Malta (Valetta)

It was so amazing and the food was awesome, fancy clothes and a michelin star chef, it was sooooo good. Three course every dinner and then buffet to breakfast and lunch and not a bad buffet but a hugely variety of things to eat.

The ship had a huge theatre that took 2000 people and AMAZING SHOWS every night. The ship had a casino, several cafés and several restaurant, a pool deck with waterslides. 

You might expect that being confined to a cruiseship is gonna get extremely crowded and confined but it was like living in a little town because the ships are that big. 

My recommendations:

  • You have to have cabin with a balcony. TRUST ME on this because if you’re gonna spend 1 week on a ship, a balcony is gonna make your trip a thousand times better because when the ship is travelling on the sea it’s the best thing to sit on the balcony and just spend time. And also NO BUGS AND MOSQUITOS YAAAY.
  • Do the tours they offer but also explore the cities on your own, don’t be afraid that you might be late because you won’t and if you are the ship has tight control on their passangers (you have a card that you check in and out with)
  • Please, please, please see the shows because they are AMAZING the quality on them is on TOP
  • Don’t always be confined to your assigned restaurant and time, explore the other restaurants aswell.

I went with MSC as I said, and I truly recommend them but their are other ones just as good but I loved MSC

Love, Sara


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