It’s Saturday and today’s tip

Goooood saturday morning you lovely people. It’s so good to get a morning just made for rest today, I was truly exhausted. Yesterday evening I was stuck in front of the TV watching the new Jungle Book movie and good was it amazing. Don’t you agree with me you who’ve seen it? CGI is such an amazing thing, and how it’s developed during this last years. Sorry I’m gushing over technology but it’s just such an amazing thing.

Anyway, I love sheets. I love buying them, I love laying in them when they are freshly washed. I love sheets. I always but sheets that are a little bit special, like the one I’m using now. My newspaper sheets, of british newspaper, I have sheets with dark trees, sheets with branches, sheets with Gripsholm logo which was a boat that travelled between Gothenburg and America early 1900′. To me sheets are part of the decoration, not just the decorating pillows but the sheets too. 

Today’s decorating tip for you bedroom: buy fun and beautiful bedsheets and it will lift your room up, a hell of alot.

Love, Sara


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