My five top places 

I’ve been a bunch of places mostly around Europe but nothern Africa and a small part of Asia too.

So here’s my top 5 places to travel:

  1. Scotland. This one was an easy one. If you’ve read my earlier post you will know what I’m talking about. Breathtaking scenery, beautiful cities and just amazing.
  2. Croatia. I was there this summer and I loved it. Loved the food, the people, the scenery, the towns. And a good place for you Game of Thrones fans.
  3. Greece. I love Greece, and I’ve been there three times and I loved it. Beautiful country, full of history and great food.
  4. Italy. Been to Italy four times. Been mostly around Rome and Naples but also up in Genoa and in Sicily. I love Italy (who doesn’t) I still have a dream to visit Florence so I’m not done yet. Capri is a must, such a beautiful island outside of Naples.
  5. London. It’s been awhile since I visited London and I can’t wait to go back. London is amazing, so much too do. I would love to visit the Tower because I didn’t have time last I was there.

So there’s my top 5 travel destination, if you got more questions don’t be afraid to ask.

Love, Sara


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