Things I do (or don’t do) that’s just not good

We all do things that aren’t very good or things people advice you not to do. So here’s things I do (or don’t do) that’s really not good. *slap on the wrist*:

  1. Wash my hair everyday. You are supposed to wash your hair every third day or even like 2 times/week. But I’m a rebel and do that everyday. And the reason is that I used to be a swimmer and I had training everyday and you had to shower every time after training to get all that chlorine out. So since then I haven’t gotten my hair used to any other setup. I hate greasy hair or as we say in Sweden: fatty hair.
  2. Don’t wash my make-up brushes as often as you should. They say you should wash your brushes after every use, or at least do it 1-2 times/week. Do I do that? Of course I don’t, because I’m lazy. *Really hard slap on the wrist*
  3. Procrastinate. We all do it but I have some chronic procrastination disease. I hate doing things now when I can do them later, but later I have so much to do I just want to hide in a cave somewhere. Don’t procrastinate kids.

I do alot more but I can’t remember it at the moment. What things do you do that you really shouldn’t? 

Love, Sara


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