The weirdest country & Uni in Sweden

I have precisely 20 minutes before I have to leave. I have my first seminar today, which here in Sweden means that you sit in a small group and discuss the literature. To clarify I major in Business and accounting but minor in History, which is a class I’m taking at the moment. Here in Sweden you take one course at the time so I take History I which is 30 college points and it runs for 4-5 months.

To a completely different thing. Living in Sweden is like living with a roulette table, you never know how the weather is going to be like. Having a weather app is a completely waste of space. It was going to be a sunny day today but now it’s raining. WHAAT??? Anyway, that’s Sweden for you, prepare for anything and everything. 

My handbag literally contains of everything you could need for every possible variation of weather. I got:

  • Scarf – for coldness
  • Umbrella – for rain
  • Hat – for cold
  • Sunglasses – for cold
  • Perfume and deo 
  • Extra shirt in case it gets too hot/cold.

Anyway, I have to leave now.

Love, Sara


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