The magic of Croatia

Living in Europe gives you so much possibilities, we can travel for 1+ hours by plane and be in a different country. I love travelling and experience new things. I’ve been to a lot of places and this summer it was time for Croatia.

I believe that to get the optimal travel experience is to rent a house/apartment or if that’s not possible, at least rent a car so you’re not bound and grounded to the hotel area. 

I stayed in a house with friends and family between the towns of Split and Trogir, in an area called Kastela (Kastel Novi) and it was beautiful. Both Split and Trogir was two unbelievably beautiful towns, rich with history and old buildings (which I adore).

The food was AMAZING the best I’ve eaten and I’ve been to Italy and Greece. The food reminded be a bit of Italy but alot better. I ate alot of Gnocchi, Gnocchi with truffles and proscuitto, Gnocchi with gorgonzola. It was heavenly.

One place you have to go is Krka, which is a nationalpark with a incredible beautiful waterfall where you can swim (sweetwater and clearblue).

We took the boat to Dubrovnik, as a Game of Thrones fan it’s a must. King’s Landing has important scenes in the town and you have to go on a tour. Dubrovnik Walking Tour’s is the best. And Star Wars episode VIII has been recorded in the town aswell.

Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve been to. The people are tremendously friendly and the atmosphear is amazing. Crystal clear water, and amazing food.

Have you been to Croatia? What was your experience?


Love, Sara.


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