How to make your commute more fun.

Some of us are cursed with long commutes to and from work/school and some of us at extremely more lucky (I applaude all you guys, seriously be happy). Long train/bus rides are seriously the worst thing ever. I myself got about 1,5 hour each way which brings me to a 3 hour commute each day. If I could avoid it, I would. Trust me.

So, here’s my list of ways to make your commute more fun and for the time to pass more quickly.

  1. Your phone – seriously, I would not survive without my phone, I would be bored to death. I use my phone for everything: music, books, surfing etc.
  2. If you don’t have a phone (a rarity these days but it could be out of batteries or you’ve forgotten it.) Bring a book, personally I can’t read books on a train. I don’t know why, and I’m also afraid to miss my stop (has happened.)
  3. Read the commercial signs – I know it sounds weird but what else can you do? When I’m on the tube and we’re underground, there’s not like there’s other things to do. Do this if you have no other options.
  4. Watch the people, just don’t be creepy. Observe but don’t stare, you can learn alot from a person just by observing them. As I said, don’t openly stare, just let your eye wander for a bit (I don’t mean that you should check then out đŸ˜‰ )
  5. Commute with a friend or a family member – find out if anyone you know travels the same route at the same time as you and decide to commute togheter. The ride goes so much faster, I promise.

The first option is literally me right know, writing this on my way home. Hope I helped (I kinda stated the obvious but anyways)

Do you have a long way to work/school? How do you spend the time?

Love, Sara.


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