Things that annoys me

I rarely get angry, it takes alot for me to be really fired up. I can get annoyed quite easily though so heres my list of 3 things that annoy and frustrates me more than anything:

  1. People who walk really slow. Like on a pavement and there is no room for you to bypass them. I want to scream: “Move it people!” But I let out an annoyed sigh and wait until a moment present itself for me to pass.
  2. Staying in the same category. People who walk in a row on a pavement. Like a group of three/four friends all walking next to each other on this minimalized pavement and then doesn’t move when someone dares to pass them on their private little pavement (sense the sarcasm).
  3. Drivers who don’t use their indicators. This gets more and more common, sadly. Especially if you waiting to do your move and you see a car so you can’t make your move before they have passed you and after them a billion other cars are coming so you realize you have to wait another five hours. So the car is approaching and then that little yellow light flashes and in the last possible second they indicate a turn that would have made it possible for you to make it before the billion approaching cars, but noooooo! God was not on your side when he made these idiots.

Please tell me what annoys you.

Love, Sara.


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