My embarrassing self

So today was my best friend’s birthday celebration with all her family and friends and I was to meet her boyfriend for the first time. I hadn’t met him in person before, I’d just seen him in snapchat videos and vice versa. 

So there I was hugging everyone I knew, moving closer to him with every person I greered, and then it’s time to say hello. I put my hand out to shake his hand and introduce myself (I’m polite like that) and he says: “Hello Sara”, like he knew me. And then it all moves in slowmotion. I can see my hand moving towards him while his arms is rising into a hug. I can see the confusement in his eyes and the voice inside my head is screaming”NOOOOOOOO!” while my face takes this horrified expressiob. I was truly and utterly horrified, I knew of him but we’d never actually met and that’s why I wanted to not presume anything, like where can a handshake go wrong? Well clearly when I am attempting it.

And that’s how I met my best friend’s boyfriend for the first time. 

Note to myself: Be overly nice and just hug everyone, all the time and ignore handshakes. Aren’t hugs healthier anyways?

Well that’s todays embarrassing story, 

Love, Sara.


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