As I mentioned before I am Swedish. Born and raised outside the capital Stockholm. Although I would love to live somewhere else, Sweden still got a special place in my heart.image

Sweden is such a diverse and beautiful country, from the mountains and forests in the north to the beautiful open landscapes in the south. Our cities are not that big compared to other cities in the world and our capital Stockholm is so beautiful. I will make a post about Stockholm later because this will be about my favourite spot in all of Sweden.

The biggest island of Sweden is Gotland. Gotland is an island that has such a great history, from the vikings to the medieval trading society: Hansa. Visby is the town of Gotland, surrounded by a wall built somewhere built somewhere around the 13th century. The town is beautiful medieval, located by the sea.

imageVisby is by far the most beautiful city in Sweden. It’s most popular time of the year is of course the summer but I love to visit in the winter. The town is almost free from tourists and the way the snow lays against the ancient buildings is magical. The coffee shops is so much more cosier in the winter.

My musts when visiting Visby:

  • Skafferiet – a café located in a 18th century building on the main street inside the wall, super cosy.
  • Kränku – a shop which sells tea, amazingly good tea. My favourites are Munkté and Guteblandning, buy their own mixtures and if you are a tea lover like me, I promise you, you wont be disappointed. Located near S:t Hansgatan.
  • Munkkällaren – a restaurant located on the main square.
  • Eden tapas & bar – Located on the main square across from Munkkällaren. A tapas restaurant that have amazingly good food and not spanish tapas but all from fish n chips to tacos and fried cheese. It’s AMAZING.
  • And last but the most important – just walk around the city and feel the history with every step you take. Touch the old buildings and just appreciate where you are. Stop for a second and breathe in the atmosphear.

I love Visby and I hope you will too.

Love, Sara


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